Qile Wu

I’m interested in all kinds of science, especially mathematics and quantum physics. After my Ph. D. study in topological insulators, I started my adventure in semiconductor quantum optics. Following the discovery of dynamical birefringence, I moved to UCSB, guiding the experiment group towards measuring electronic structures including Berry curvatures with high-order sideband generation. 

Currently, I’m working on high harmonic generation and high-order sideband generation in semiconductors, aiming at exploring many-body physics.  

Selected publication:

Dynamical Birefringence: High-order Sideband Generation as a Probe of Berry Curvature
Hunter B. Banks, Qile Wu, Darren C. Valovcin, Shawn Mack, Arthur C. Gossard, Loren Pfeiffer, Ren-Bao Liu, and Mark S. Sherwin 
Phys. Rev. X 7, 041042 (2017).